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If you have questions about our service, you will most probably find your answer below.

We are sending visitors from our content network to search for your sites in Google.
The short answer is no. We do not target our traffic with keywords, so visitors that are arriving to your site might not be interested in your niche. Most visitors are also not prone to buy from a sales page straight away. It is advisable to use this traffic source for ad networks.
Site must be indexed in Google for traffic referrer from Google.
There are many ways to exploit this traffic source. Through testing we have made profits via adnetworks such as Chikita, Adversal , Adworkmedia. The potential of Google Booster is still vastly unknown, therefore EV runs experiments continuously, and share them in the blog, to show users exactly how they can make money with Google Booster.
Most common problems:
  • Server downtime/ Poor Hosting: This will cause your traffic tracker, not being able to receive the full visits from us.
  • For example: (Screenshot)
  • Not using our recommended traffic tracker- Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytic tracking code not installed correctly
And if the issue lies with us, we will send in compensate traffic to your campaign, no questions asked !
We have included the days you can dripfeed respectively for each packages in our client panel.
Free: All campaigns are activated within 48 hours, and you will receive an email notification like the below shown.


From there, you can monitor Google Analytic Real-Time, and check yourself if the traffic delivery is fine. If there are any issues with the delivery of traffic, you should submit a support ticket immediately, compensation are done on case-by-case basis after our investigation.

Basic: We begin our traffic delivery daily from 1am- 3am (Time zone: New York), and we will monitor if traffic delivery is fine for the first few hours. Campaigns under this service are covered for any loss of traffic, and you will not be charged for any visits you do not receive.

We have our rotator script ready for v3.0 for clients who want to dripfeed the traffic for 24 hours, or as well as for smaller amounts of traffic (custom orders). The rotator has to be filled with 35 sites (100 visitors daily) in order to dripfeed it for 24h for every site. This can be illustrated better here:

Traffic Source (slowest speed= 2.5 visits/min) > Rotator script > Evenly spread the traffic out to 35 sites = Attain 24h dripfeed effect.

The requirement for this to work is to have 35 sites in the rotator script. The rotator can consist of other clients site. If you have setup a common campaign like USA country, 35 sites are always easily filled. If you have chosen a less common country like Egypt, it is more difficult to hit the number of 35 sites.
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